Communic Asia 2017

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INNO Instrument attended the Communic Asia 2017, which is the Asia-Pacific region’s largest telecom trade show held from May 23 to 25 in Singapore.  As an exhibitor of this show which is one of the big four in the world, INNO Instrument hoped to introduce their products and technologies to customers and also see them for interacting with each other.

First, INNO instrument had displayed VIEW series(VIEW1,3,5,7) of FTTx in telecommunication field. Lots of their customers were interested in their designs and specifications of products. In addition, in this show, a few of customers were interested in ribbon splicer. INNO Instrument is going to plan to introduce their VIEW 12R(Ribbon fusion splicer) in the next show.

Also, INNO Instrument had introduced VIEW 500 which is newly launched OTDR from INNO Instrument. It is the new standard OTDR used in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables with a series of outstanding features, such as simultaneously measuring dual wavelengths analysis, immensely short booting time, etc.

In the meantime, in this show, there are a few questions about INNO Instrument’s clad alignment fusion splicer(VIEW1, 3) and core alignment fusion splicer(VIEW5, 7). Besides, other customers were curious about specifications of VIEW series such as typical splice loss, splicing time, battery, etc.

Every year, INNO Instrument is participating Communic Asia with new products or solutions and looking forward to showing improved one next year. Moreover, INNO Instrument is also planning to participate other international Communications and Information Technology Exhibitions and Conferences with advanced products.

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