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In Ukraine, our “Invisible Hero” was seen restoring data connection that was...

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In Ukraine, our “Invisible Hero” was seen restoring data connection that was severely damaged, cutting off thousands of Ukrainians from their loved ones.

INNO Instrument joining hands with DEPS, Ukraine’s top telco equipment and service supplier to keep Ukraine’s connectivity afloat through our goals to Keep Ukraine Connected. 10 units of free INNO’s splicing equipment have been delivered to DEPS for further logistic arrangement and assignation to support the urgent needs of Ukraine’s splicing volunteers.


As the situation between Ukraine and Russia tightens, millions of households were forced to face challenges separately while desperately clinging to telecommunication as a source to warm their hearts.


Following up with the largest internet outage, a major regional telecommunication blackout in Ukraine in March, caused millions of Ukrainians to be disconnected. Hours spent in the dark, challenge to cripple even the strongest spirits without access to the truth and updated information on the safety of family members.


Massive destruction to their thermal power plant and electrical substation in Sumy Oblast, North-eastern Ukraine, shut down hundreds and affected thousands of base stations, severely damaging infrastructures up to 23,834 square kilometres. As reported by NetBlocks, connectivity had a sudden drop from around 76 percent to 1 – 2 percent in Sievierodonetsk, acting administrative centre of Luhansk Oblast.

Fixed-line internet appears to be in the total loss while there is some limited mobile connectivity. Separately, other areas such as Kharkiv and Mariupol, Donetsk, reported internet connectivity issues.


INNO Instrument’s exclusive distributor DEPS joined the ongoing task force in restoring internet connectivity and FTTx cables to improve connectivity coverage.


We shipped free INNO splicing machines last month from Germany with hopes to deliver quality product performances to our “invisible heroes”. DEPS had planned to allocate these units separately to different groups of Telco engineers and operators to assist the restoration processes.


Moving forward, we are arranging another batch of free splicing machines for DEPS at a value of more than $20,000. Although the situation is tough, we keep our spirit high in facing various shortcomings to deliver a ray of hope to the people of Ukraine.


As of April 23rd, Netblock reported partial restoration of internet connectivity in Kharkiv


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INNO INSTRUMENT is a global product and solution supplier to the telecommunications and network industry. We believe that a good brand offers the best quality products and quality services. We wholeheartedly support our partners and consumers to maximize their investment through high-performance products in their operation process of installation, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting

INNO’s flagship products and solutions include FTTx equipment, instruments and tool, RF solutions, 5G DAS systems, Power and Battery Testing solutions, smart locks, and cloud management systems.

Our Ukraine partner, DEPS was founded in 1991 and is one of the few modern enterprises that take a real part in shaping the assortment of the national telecommunications market. DEPS does not just supply advanced equipment but promotes modern world-class technological solutions on the market.

The task of DEPS is to assist enterprises and companies in the development of their business based on the use of modern information technologies.


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