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Digital Information Technology is nothing new to businesses anymore; however, not all industries are open to new competencies. Coronavirus pandemic crisis had immensely affected society and business owners into speeding up the adaption of digital transformation. These changes gave industrial laggards a push in realizing the crucial role of fast connectivity and cloud computing applications.

Working remotely became a norm, relying heavily on the internet and data transfer such as VPNs and VoIPs. As a result, the role of telecommunication providers became increasingly demanding to cater to the demands of its consumers. But to what extent that our telco and network industry’s “digital readiness” for effective productivity through the seamless process?

Addressing Current Situation

While working remotely has been seen as beneficial for some companies, increasing work productivity while shaving operational expenditures. Unfortunately, the situation remains starkly different for companies involved in building optical fiber infrastructures where employees are out in the field, often with limited access and ability to communicate and report properly with companies and management. Thus, a clear need exists to improve competencies for both on-field engineers and managers communications by utilizing the Internet of Things, a toast to betterment and security.

Idea Bulb | Smart IoT Splicers with Cloud Management System in Real-time

INNO Instrument’s latest splicer range ViewPRO series is a solution that revolves around the concept of smart IoT that benefits both managers and on-field splicing engineers by providing a centralized cloud platform. The INNO Instrument’s cloud management system supports work productivity, asset & fleet management, comprehensive job assignment, preventive maintenance, remote lock, and geolocation all through real-time.

ViewPRO series consists of clad and core alignment splicers as well as a mass fusion splicer. INNO Instrument proudly claims that its most recent technology is a game-changer with the highest magnification up to 520x and a longer-lasting battery supporting up to 450 cycles of splicing and heating, which are considered to be the highest in the industry.

Unlike traditional splicers, whereby a splicing machine is used as an on-field instrument, the ViewPRO series is a “reflection” of a bigger picture to increase productivity, quality of work in a systematic way. The ViewPRO Manager, the cloud management system, provides centralized control for managers to track and secure these assets through the Anti-Theft feature and manage the remote team’s performance with real-time map sharing, performance, and data record. The View Pro Manager also allows on-field engineers to create graphical reports with analytics and improve efficiency with auto-saving and data filtering. Furthermore, a user of the View Pro Manager will witness significantly reduced downtime caused by the machine’s technical issues as the cloud management system will maintain and operate the device at its optimal state.

As a part of the global players in the Telecommunication and Network industry, to fulfil its vision to have the Power to make thinking into Reality, Inno Instrument is looking forward to further contributing to the advancement of its partners with improved products and performances.


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