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A Digital Measuring Equipment & Powerful Power Meter

It is a high-precision, high- resolution battery tester and widely used for testing various batteries such as lithium batteries for mobile phones, storage batteries and power batteries.

With the AC four-terminal test method, the internal resistance and voltage of the battery can be tested more precisely.

  1. Input port
  2. Display
  3. Measurement function menu key/measurement mode switch key/Compare function menu key/statistics menu key/System setting menu key/cancel/back key
  4. Voltage range key/volume key/locking key
  5. Resistance range key/print shortcut key/save setting key
  6. Reset key/cut-off remote control key/manual trigger key
  7. Clear key/ 0 key/• key
  8. On-off key
  9. Confirm key and direction selection key
  10. USB interface
  11. Softkey
  1. Electric power line interface
  2. Power switch
  3. Ethernet interface
  4. RS-232C interface
  5. Analog output interface
  6. EXT I/O interface


Technical Specification
voltage range
response time
measurement response time: about 10ms
mean average
On /OFF, average number of time: 2~16 times
operation environment
0℃~40℃, below 80%RH (no moisture condensation)
operating altitude
2000m or less
applicable environment
Function & Advantages

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