• Strengthening Win-Win partnership with Hushin(..

    On May 19, Hushin visited the head office in Korea. Hushinis one of the major companies in China in Telecommunications establishing a high-speed communications network in all over the China. They are our exclusive authorized distributor for optical fiber fusion splicers and we maintained close relations for a long time. We worked in partnership since we established China branch. Therefore, our business relationship has been built on mutualtrust up to now.  The CEO, general manager of all the branches and our employees in China branch ..

  • Visitors from Germany Trade & Invest GmbH

    On May 14, Max Milbredt and Anja Birholz, Manager of Electonics & Microtechnology from Germany Trade & Invest GmbH visited INNO Instrument.   They toured our showroom, manufacturing factory and also our office. Their main purpose was to discuss about the possibility of work together in national projects and about the expansion of business in Germany with our general manager of Germany branch. After touring our showroom and manufacturing factory, they were surprised with our manufacturing process. They checked that all our products a..

  • INNO Instrument has opened a showroom

    INNO Instrument has just opened a showroom in headquarter in Korea. By opening the showroom, visitors can see how the products work in detail and experience all characteristics of the products. We mainly displayed the VIEW Series which is our latest model and also have some telecommunication tools to show situations when our products are in need and how necessary are they. And also it became available to check that our productsare water proof, anti shock and dustproof.  We are looking forward to meet you in our showroom. Please vi..

  • Sviaz-Expocomm 2015

    Viewseries were introduced at Sviaz Expocomm 2015, which is the largestInternational Exhibition and Conference in Russia and Eastern Europe forInformation Communication Technology, Communication Services and Mass MediaCommunication. INNO Instrument thanks to our distributor, Fibertool forintroducing our products. “Sviaz Expocomm, Moscow” has become the annualmeeting place that brings together the ICT industry executives, businessprofessionals and International leading companies to generate the new businessleads, to get acquainted with the c..

  • INNO Instrument was a part of Successful CeBIT..

    CeBIT Australia is the technology & business expo in Australasia. The event was held in Sydney 5-7 May, 2015. Now in its 14th year, it continues to be the onlybusiness technology event platform that brings business, government and theindustry together.   INNOInstrument had been participated CeBIT 2015 in Australia. It was first time forINNO to participate in CeBIT, Australia. However, the feedback has beenoverwhelmingly positive. INNO Instrument was selected to be located on the flowof walking line of VIPs and their activities and the bo..