• INNO Insturment launches new CAA 'VIEW900&..

    Want to be a cell site's expert?Be the expert with INNO Instrument's new cable antenna analyzer 'VIEW900'.VIEW900 is the most reliable and accurate CAA in field.GUI, Hand-held Design, Multi Function's are enough to give you value for installation and maintenance of cell site.We believe VIEW900 will be your favorite cell site's measurement.

  • Today is the last day waiting for VIEW900

    *D-1Want to unveil VIEW900?Today is the last day waiting for VIEW900.We are expecting to show you our amazing CAA tomorrow.  

  • View900 is coming this saturday

    *D-3 The new cable and antenna analyzer 'View900' is coming.For maintaining and installing the cell sites, you can find View900 as a best measurement. Hope to see you this saturday.  

  • View900 launch

    *D-5INNO Instrument proudly launches new cable antenna analyzer View900 on 2018.06.30. View900 is the most reliable and accurate CAA in the field.  

  • Workshop in Japan 2018

    Last week, INNO Instrument had a workshop in Hokkaido, Japan. Both colleagues from Korea HQ and all overseas subsidiaries’ directors from 7 different continents gathered together in one place. This 5-day long workshop was not only to reviewed 1st half of 2018 business, but it was also a great opportunity to share success stories and sale and marketing tactics to better prepare for the 2nd half of 2018. As a team building activity, INNO employees climbed “Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group, 大雪山” and bonds between employees got stronger than ever befor..