기업이미지 통합

'혁신'을 의미하는 Innovation과 '세계 최고 수준의 제품'에 대한 의지를 담은 instrument가 결합하여 INNO Instrument가 탄생했습니다.

“You dream, We DESIGN”

고객이 원하는 제품을 늘 새롭게 탄생시키는 고객만족정신, 이노인스트루먼트의 DNA입니다.

  1. 1. Logo Type

    Standard logo type
    • Along with the symbol mark, logo type is an important basic element conveys the image of INNO Instrument. Each font is proportionally adjusted according to its shape, so you must not arbitrarily change the font's type, thickness, and proportions of any letter.
  2. 2. Grid System

    • INNO Instrument was born with the combination of 'Innovation' to show our passion for ingenuity and 'Instrument' which is to represent our commitment to deliver the world's best products. Emphasized the alphabet T symbolically expresses the corporate philosophy of innovation.
    • Logo type stems from the shape of Fusion splicer which is INNO Instrument's representative product. Simple and straight fonts to expresses solid professional image. Combination of Logo and fonts creates global, dynamic and future oriented image.
  3. 3. Color System

    • Dominant Color
      INNO Instrument Blue
      C100% / M75% / Y35% / K30%
      Webcolor #0c3a5e
      Red 12% / Green 58% / Blue 94%
    • Sub Color.1
      INNO Instrument Gray
      C 0% / M 0% / Y 0% / K 70%
      Webcolor #706f6f
      Red 112% / Green 111% / Blue 111%
    • Sub Color.2
      INNO Instrument Green
      C 50% / M 0% / Y 100% / K 0%
      Webcolor #95c11f
      Red 149% / Green 193% / Blue 31%
    • Blue as the main color which symbolizes trust and functionality, it reflects the future of Inno Instrument.
  4. 4. Background Color Standard

    • When using background color, it is very important that symbol is clear and identifiable. Greater the contrast of the background, clearer the symbol gets.
    • Positive Logo is used when the brightness is lower than 30%, and Negative Logo is used when the brightness is higher than 30%.
  5. 5. Logo Size Standard

    Minimum Requirement Used
    • The symbol mark shall not be used when it is less than 20mm as stated above.