Creating No.1 Values In Optical Communication Industry

INNO Instrument stands at the forefront as a manufacturer, supplier, and
provider of quintessential products and services encompassing the fibre optic

Our ambition is to empower businesses with solutions that optimize operational
processes, including installation, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
This ensures that our customers’ investments yield maximum returns and pave
the way for a seamless and efficient workflow.

The Future of Connectivity

Our core business in FTTx, Optical Network Cabling, and RF Solutions has gained strong traction in the market over the years. These domains have witnessed remarkable growth and recognition over time, testifying to the trust and reliability associated with our brand.
As we venture into the future, we are committed to becoming a holistic provider of solutions, integrating the best of technology and innovation. With INNO Instrument, customers and investors are choosing a partnership built on excellence, integrity, and progress.

Our customer are at the heart of everything we do


We are committed to technological advancement


These core values guide our vision and operations


We aspire to be the leading name in the optical communications market.

Quality & Professionalism

We stand behind our commitment
to professionalism and reliability.
Vision Statement

At INNO Instrument, we envision ourselves as the beacon of value and innovation in the optical communication industry. Our goal is to transform novel ideas into reality, guided by our core principles of harmony, passion, speed, and integrity. We strive to ascend as the global leader in comprehensive optical fiber solutions, illuminating the path to a more connected world.

Mission Statement

Our mission at INNO Instrument is to center our efforts around the satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to understanding and fulfilling their needs, continuously enhancing the convenience and
accuracy of our solutions. Through our products, we aim to respond to market growth and lead the development, ensuring our customers always have the best tools at their disposal.

INNO Instrument in Numbers

We stand at the forefront as a manufacturer, supplier, and provider of quintessential products and services encompassing the fibre optic industry.











In the face of an ever-evolving global landscape, our mission at INNO Instrument is to not just anticipate but shape the future. From our inception, we’ve been catalysts of change, influencing countless lives and entire industries through our innovative technologies.

As a global entity, our growth has been fueled by our unwavering dedication to our customers and our relentless pursuit of quality.

In this dawn of the information age, the demand for more streamlined and precise information usage is escalating. Guided by our ethos, ‘You Dream, We Design’, we’re committed to pushing the limits of innovation to meet these demands with top-tier products and services.

INNO Instrument has established itself as a trusted provider in the optical communication sector. However, we’re not content with just maintaining the status quo. Our aim is to transform the optical communication landscape by providing holistic solutions unlike anything seen before.

Our focus remains on creating unparalleled products and delivering them globally, constantly challenging ourselves to transcend boundaries. Our journey is shared with our global partners, our dedicated team, and most importantly, our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We value your continued support and, together, we can redefine the optical communication industry. Here’s to the promising future we are crafting together.

Mr Hyuck Han
CEO | INNO Instrument Group

INNO Instrument Growth