is an IoT cloud-based management system that is integrated into our VIEW PRO series splicer to improve communication and efficiency through centralized management. In the fast-paced world of fiber optic splicing, efficiency, data access, and security are key.

The View Pro Manager is a Cloud-Based Software Platform specifically designed for INNO Fusion Splicers, creating a streamlined environment where technicians and managers collaborate effortlessly, bolstered by real-time communication and flexible access controls. Job orders and equipment management become a breeze, enhancing productivity and transparency. The VPM also integrates robust security features, safeguarding your valuable assets. View Pro Manager is not just software; it’s a strategic ally in optimizing your splicing operations.

Real-Time Splice Data

Instantly access your splice results featuring crucial technical details and map locations. Securely store all historical data in the cloud, ensuring it's always available for future reference and analysis.

Anti-Theft Protection

Protect your devices with robust anti-theft features, including a local password, a locking calendar, and a tamper-proof synchronization interval. The system ensures top-tier security and continuous monitoring of your equipment.

Reporting & Analysis

Effortlessly preview data, analyze key metrics, and generate detailed statistics and PDF reports with just a few clicks. The intuitive graphs and charts simplify complex data handling, offering valuable performance and usage insights.

Geolocation & Tracking

Track your equipment in real-time or review its historical locations and paths. Make informed decisions and optimize field operations using live data for strategic planning.

Job & Task Management

Easily create, assign, and track tasks, including precise job locations. Benefit from job-specific splice data and customizable maps shared across your team for enhanced coordination and efficient communication.

Preventive Maintenance

Minimize downtime and maintain peak performance and quality. Powered by AI and advanced algorithms, the VPM provides real-time advice and monitors your equipment's condition, ensuring optimal functionality at all times.


Our Unique Method

The VPM solution stands out with its unique connectivity method, relying on mobile networks and GPS. This innovative approach enables automatic data synchronization without the need for user intervention, offering a hassle-free experience.
  • Bidirectional communication with the Cloud Server​

  • No extra accessories required​

  • No need for WiFi Network or Mobile Phone (Hotspot)​

  • Instant data transfer and GPS reporting​

  • Splicer connects automatically without any user intervention​


A range of Fusion Splicers
with integrated IoT & GPS Modules


An Integrated Cloud-Based
Software Platform for INNO Splicers

Manage your Assets

  • Device Status Notification​

    Receive Alarm when device needs service and maintenance​

  • Preventive Maintenance​

    Receive Report from system with unusual high splice loss​

  • Multi-User and Multi-Device Grouping​

    Manage devices and jobs with your colleagues​

  • Save your work in the Cloud ​

    Analyze and Review your work for Fiber-line maintenance​