is an IoT cloud-based management system that is integrated into our VIEW PRO series splicer to improve communication and efficiency through centralized management.
Splice Data

Get access to all your splice details in real time, or browse through historical data

Asset Management

Stay in control of your fleet of fusion splicers and save your work in the Cloud

Anti Theft

Take advantage of multiple security options. Protect your devices against loss and theft

Job & Fiber Management

Allocate jobs across your team and monitor your projects. Communicate efficiently.


A range of Fusion Splicers
with integrated IoT & GPS Modules


An Integrated Cloud-Based
Software Platform for INNO Splicers


  • Bidirectional communication with the Cloud Server​

  • No extra accessories required​

  • No need for WiFi Network or Mobile Phone (Hotspot)​

  • Instant data transfer and GPS reporting​

  • Splicer connects automatically without any user intervention​

Manage your Assets

  • Device Status Notification​

    Receive Alarm when device needs service and maintenance​

  • Preventive Maintenance​

    Receive Report from system with unusual high splice loss​

  • Multi-User and Multi-Device Grouping​

    Manage devices and jobs with your colleagues​

  • Save your work in the Cloud ​

    Analyze and Review your work for Fiber-line maintenance​