5G Smart

The Most Portable Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

The 5G Smart, 5G-series spectrum analyzers support all measurements required for 5G cell site installation and maintenance with about 30 different signal analysis functions, including ‘100 MHz Real-time Analysis’, ‘5G NR Modulation Analysis’ and ‘Beamforming Analysis’ for faster 5G cell site deployment.

General Specifications

Description Details
Frequency Range 9 kHz to 15 GHz
Frequency Span 100 MHz real-time
9 kHz - 15 GHz swept
Display 10.1"
Battery Operating Time 2.5 hours
Weight ≤ 3.3 kg (include battery)

Key Features

Spectrum Analyzer (SWEPT SA)

Spectrum analyzer mode

Channel Power (CP)

Channel power measurement

Spectrum Emission Mask (SEM)

Occupied bandwidth measurement​

Gated Sweep (Spectrum Analyzer)

Gated sweep setting window with finger gesture

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA)

Realtime spectrogram view

Persistent density view

Persistent spectrogram view

Signal Analyzers

Beam Analysis for 5G NR

PCI Scanner for 5G NR

LTE/LTE-A SEM measurement

LTE/LTE-A control channel measurement

LTE/LTE-A constellation measurement

LTE /LTE-A carrier aggregation measurement

Remote Control Capability (Web-Based)
Built-In GPS
USB Keyboard and Mouse Support
5G Pro

Technical Specification

Spectrum Measurements
channel power
Total Channel Power (dBm), Bandwidth (MHz), PSD (dBm/Hz), Limit Test (Pass/Fail test)
occupied bandwidth
Occupied Power (%), Total Power (dBm), Occupied Bandwidth (MHz), X dB Power (dB), X dB Bandwidth (MHz), Limit Test (Pass/Fail test)
adjacent channel power
Main / Adjacent / Alternate Channel Power (Absolute (dBm) / Relative (dBc)), Main / Adjacent / Alternate Channel Bandwidth (MHz)
spectrum emission mask
Pre-defined Mask Setting, Limit Test (Pass/Fail test)
spurious emissions
Frequency Range, Peak Power (dBm), Peak Frequency (MHz), Limit Test (Pass/Fail test)
gated sweep
Gate Delay, Gate Length, Trigger Source, Time View
LTE FDD/TDD Measurements
RSRP, EVM RMS / Peak, Data EVM (QPSK,16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM), Frequency Offset (Hz, ppm), Time Offset (ns)
data channel
RB Power Diagram, Constellation, Modulation Type, RB Power, EVM RMS / Peak, IQ Offset (dB)
control channel
P-SS, S-SS, PBCH, PCFICH, PHICH, PDCCH, RS Power (dBm), EMV (%), Modulation Type, Frequency Offset
power vs. time
Frame Average Power (dBm), Frequency Offset (Hz), OFDM Symbol Power (dBm), IQ Offset (dB), EVM RMS / Peak, Data EVM RMS / Peak
Channel Scanner, ID Scanner, Control Channel, Datagram
carrier aggregation
Frequency, Bandwidth, Channel Power, RS Power, RS Delta Power, S-SS Power, EVM RMS / Peak, Frequency Offset, Time Error, Cell ID of each Carrier Component
RF analysis
Channel Power, Occupied Bandwidth, Spectrum Emission Mask (SEM), Adjacent Channel Leakage power Ratio (ACLR)
5G NR Measurements
channel power
Total Channel Power, Peak to Average Power Ratio, Total PSD, Limit Test
occupied bandwidth
Occupied Bandwidth, Peak to Average Power Ratio, Total Power, xXdB Bandwidth, Limit Test
multi-beam analysis
Physical Cell ID, Sector ID, Cell Group, Frequency Error, Time Offset, SS-RSRP (dBm), SS-RSRQ (dB),
SS-SINR (dB), Sync and Demodulation Status Indicators, Power (dBm)
single-beam analysis
Physical Cell ID, Sector ID, Cell Group, Frequency Error, Time Offset, SS-RSRP (dBm), SS-RSRQ (dB),
SS-SINR (dB), Sync and Demodulation Status Indicators, Average EVM, Peak EVM (@subcarrier/symbol), Power (dBm)
PCI scanner
Multiple PCI, Beam Index, SS-RSRP, SS-RSRQ, SS-SINR, SS-EVM of each Beam Ratio (ACLR)
Rx Antenna Gain, Rx Cable Loss, Distance, Path Loss, Max Hold Count, Channel Bandwidth, EIRP, Max EIRP
Limit Test
Real-Time Spectrum Measurements
realtime spectrogram
Provides spectrum and spectrogram
persistent density
Two-dimensional histogram that shows the statistical frequency of any frequency and level combinations for every pixel on the display with a probability distribution
persistent spectrogram
Combines persistent density and spectrogram display

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