Fully Automatic, Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver

V12 features a built-in automatic fiber shard collector and a magnetic universal holder (clamp). It has been designed to cover a wide range of different cables, including 250μm & 900μm fiber cable, flat cable, ribbon fiber, and jumper cable. INNO Instrument V12 cleaver set includes a cleaning brush and a hexagonal wrench for blade replacement. To provide better visibility and ease of use, the lid opens up at a 90-degree angle.

V12-front (1)

The Characteristics

Technical Specification
single fiber and ribbon fiber
cleaved length
Single Fiber : 5mm ~ 24mm (Coating diameter ≤ 250μm), 10mm ~ 20mm (Coating diameter >250μm)
Ribbon (Multi) Fiber : 10mm
typical cleaved angle
Single Fiber : 0.5 degree
typical blade life span
Total 60,000 fiber cleaves (2,500 cleaves per each point, total 24 points)
universal holder, replaceable holder
1 Year Warranty
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Standard Package

Main Unit V12
Cleaver Case TBA 1 each
Brush CB-02 1 each
Hexagonal Wrench CW-03 1 each
Operation Manual 1 each
Quality Report 1 each
Optional Accessories
Cleaver Blade B-80 1 each
Cleaver Holder CFH-40 1 each

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