Showcasing Fiber Optic Excellence: INNO Instrument at APJII West Java Event

Recently, the APJII West Java office in Bandung city hosted an event “FTTH and Fiber Optic Basics Measurement Solutions.” This gathering was a significant stride in the realm of fiber optics, bringing together industry professionals and enthusiasts alike from Indonesia.

The event was led by INNO Instrument. Our leadership in the sessions provided learning experience for all attendees, highlighting the latest trends and technologies in fiber optics.

With 33 participants from various ISPs in West Java, the event was a hub of curiosity and professional exchange. The enthusiasm of the attendees was palpable, with a lively exchange of questions and responses, underscoring the keen interest in the subject matter.

Participants had chance to test and experience INNO’s cutting-edge devices live. This practical engagement brought a deeper understanding of fiber optic technologies.

The event concluded with great anticipation for future gatherings, especially the upcoming 3-day workshop focused on Fiber Optics Basics and Measurements. This workshop is expected to offer an in-depth exploration of the field, providing hands-on experience and extensive knowledge to the participants.

A big thank you to all who attended and contributed to making this event a dynamic and informative session. The success of this event sets a promising tone for future APJII events in West Java. We look forward to seeing you at the next gathering!


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