Fusion Splicer View8X Shortlisted for FTTH Innovation Awards

Fusion Splicer View8X Shortlisted for FTTH Innovation Awards

We’re thrilled to share that our Fusion Splicer View8X has been recognized for its innovation in the fiber optic industry, earning a spot on the shortlist for the “Installation Equipment / Tools” category at the FTTH Innovation Awards. This achievement highlights our commitment to excellence and the forward-thinking approach of our team.

Join Us at the FTTH Conference 2024

We invite industry professionals and enthusiasts to join us at the FTTH Conference 2024, scheduled from March 19th to 21st in Berlin, Germany. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore our range of splicers and discover the latest solutions in the fiber optic market.

About the Fusion Splicer View8X

The View8X is at the forefront of splicing technology. It boasts rapid splicing capabilities, achieving splices in just 4 seconds, making it the world’s fastest fusion splicer. Additionally, its Pressure Heater technology completes tasks in a mere 9 seconds, significantly enhancing efficiency.

The integration of IoT and GPS modules with the View Pro Manager software elevates the View8X beyond its peers. This connectivity allows for real-time data access, unparalleled asset management, and advanced theft protection, offering peace of mind and streamlined operations for users.

Designed for versatility, reliability, and precision, the View8X effortlessly transitions between standard and loose fibers, thanks to its adaptable fiber holders and enhanced lighting features for optimal performance in low-light conditions, ensuring precision in every splice.

We extend our congratulations to all nominees of the FTTH Innovation Awards and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and share insights at the FTTH Conference. This recognition is a testament to the collective innovation within the industry, and we are excited to contribute to its advancement.

For more information about the Fusion Splicer View8X and our participation in the FTTH Conference 2024, please visit our website.

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