INNO INDIA Press Release – January 2024


Press Release January 2024

INNO Instrument Inc., headquartered in South Korea, is a reputed global manufacturer of state-ofthe-art products/equipment in the fiber optics and telecommunications industry with its presence in over 90 countries around the world including an established presence in India.

INNO has been successfully conducting its business operations in India through its subsidiary company INNO Instrument India Private Limited (“INNO India” or “Company”) since the year 2015 and has been consistently supplying many technologically advanced, efficient and cost-effective fiber splicing and testing products/solutions to the Indian market in significant numbers.

INNO India recently undertook restructuring of its business operations in India which included severance and removal of select members of staff and employees of the Company. Below mentioned are some of the individuals whose employment with the Company has permanently ended along with the relevant dates in this regard:

S. No.   Name of the former personnel along with their former designation  Date of ending of employment 
1.  Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma, former Director  Terminated with effect from July 18, 2023 
2.  Mr. Manjit Jha, former AGM Sales  Terminated with effect from September 8, 2023 
3.  Mr. Amit Pandey, former employee of technical department   Terminated with effect from September 8, 2023 
4.  Mr. Ashok Daroch, former finance controller and in-charge of accounts  Tendered resignation on 16 February 2023. Accepted by Company. Last working day in the Company was 31 March 2023 
5.  Mr. Rahul Sharma, former employee of accounts and finance team  Tendered resignation on April 13, 2023. Accepted by Company. Last working day in the Company was May 10, 2023. 
6.  Ms. Jyoti Sharma, former in-charge of accounts and HR   Tendered resignation on October 14, 2023 with immediate effect. Accepted by Company. Handover and exit formalities pending. 


INNO India, on behalf of the INNO group of companies, hereby unequivocally and categorically states that the aforementioned individuals have been barred from employment or service not just with INNO India but with any of the INNO Group of companies across the world. These former employees neither have authority to act for or represent the INNO Group nor are they associated or related to INNO Group in any manner whatsoever and neither can they claim to have any such authorisation/affiliation/association or relation whatsoever with INNO and its business.

This press release has been issued to inform and caution the general public, our customers, business partners, associates about the employment status of the above individuals and their removal/exit from INNO and its business. Anyone who deals with such former personnel/employees, in the context of INNO and/or its business, does so at their own risk, cost and consequences. INNO shall not be responsible or liable, in any manner whatsoever, for the acts, omissions, dealings or activities, by or on behalf of or at the behest of the said individuals in whichever capacity, in the context of INNO and/or its business.

INNO Instrument is strongly committed to bringing you the latest technology and building efficient transparent systems for business growth and customer satisfaction.


Hyuck Han
CEO | INNO Instrument Group 


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