The World’s Fastest Fiber Splicing VIEW X Series

Fiber splicing has entered a new era of speed and precision with the introduction of the INNO Instrument VIEW X Series. These fusion splicers represent the pinnacle of technological advancement and stand as the fastest available on the market.

INNO Instrument VIEW X Series: Revolutionizing Fiber Splicing 

The VIEW X Series, consisting of the VIEW 8X, VIEW 5X, and VIEW 3X models, shares a remarkable set of features that are poised to redefine industry standards. At the core of these fusion splicers is their ability to achieve splicing in 4 seconds, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and productivity. The integration of Pressure Heater Technology further accelerates the process, reducing heating time to 9 seconds, ensuring consistent and reliable results. 

Switching between standard and loose-tube fibers has never been easier, thanks to the VIEW X Series’ versatile fiber holder design. Enhanced lighting also plays a pivotal role by providing superior visibility even in dimly lit environments, allowing for precise splicing. 

The VIEW X Series presents a user-friendly interface offering rapid response times and intuitive operation. These fusion splicers achieve increased energy efficiency, allowing for more cycles with the same battery capacity, resulting in extended operation times. 

Equipped with AI-driven features and embedded IoT & GPS modules, it’s the choice for professionals who demand precision and real-time monitoring.  

View X Series Fusion Splicers: 

While the VIEW X Series shares these common features, each model offers distinct advantages tailored to specific requirements. 

 VIEW 8X – Premium Core Alignment Fusion Splicer with an Ultra-Large Battery 

VIEW 5X – Core Alignment Excellence 

VIEW 3X – Active V-Groove Cladding Alignment 

VIEW Pro Manager Features

Complementing the hardware advancements of the VIEW X Series is the VIEW Pro Manager, an integrated platform that enhances the splicing experience. With access to real-time splice details and historical data, the Splice Data feature provides valuable insights into your splicing operations. Asset Management allows for effortless fleet management and preventive maintenance. Multiple security options, as part of the Anti-Theft feature, protect your devices against loss and theft. Finally, efficient job allocation and project monitoring are made possible through the Job & Fiber Management feature, ensuring seamless communication and project coordination.  

In conclusion, the INNO Instrument VIEW X Series, combined with the VIEW Pro Manager, heralds a new era for fiber splicing. These fusion splicers offer unmatched speed, precision, and convenience, all powered by IoT and GPS integration.

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