VIEW Pro Manager by INNO Instrument: Redefining Fiber Splicing Management with Advanced Cloud Technology

VIEW Pro Manager – our innovation in cloud-based management systems has been tailored for the dynamic field of fibre splicing. This sophisticated platform provides unparalleled efficiency and security. 

VIEW Pro Manager revolutionizes the way engineers interact with their job environment. It functions as an advanced interactive job sheet, incorporating location-specific details and work progress. This integration facilitates a more intuitive and efficient workflow, allowing engineers to focus on precision and quality in their splicing tasks. 

Business owners stand to gain significantly from the deployment of the VIEW Pro Manager. The system’s design is centered around improving operational efficiency through enhanced communication across the fleet and heightened security of assets. This comprehensive approach to fleet management not only streamlines processes but also safeguards valuable equipment, thereby reducing operational risks and costs. 

Its innovative anti-theft feature, coupled with the capability for remote locking, offers unprecedented control and security over equipment. These features not only deter theft, but also provide a mechanism for immediate response in case of unauthorized use, ensuring the safety and integrity of the assets. 

The platform is engineered to facilitate preventive maintenance schedules based on detailed device status analysis and splice data records. This predictive approach to maintenance ensures that equipment operates at peak efficiency, reducing downtime and extending the life of the devices. 

The VPM solution represents a significant leap forward in fiber splicing technology. This comprehensive management solution sets new standards in efficiency, precision, and security, further establishing our position as a leader in the field of fiber optic technology. 

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With its advanced functionalities, View Pro Manager enables monitoring, analysis, and reporting across the entire fleet, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Whether you're a network installer, team leader, or a manager, View Pro Manager provides the tools you need to streamline your fiber optic network operations and ensure exceptional results every step of the way

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