An Integrated Cloud-Based Software Platform for INNO Splicers

AI Driven | IoT Connected | GPS Enabled

Redefining Splicing Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology and User-Centric Approach

The World’s Fastest Fusion Splicer
Pressure Heater
Versatile Fibre Holder
Rapid Response Time Intuitive Interface
Improved Lighting
Premium & Elegant Design

The Fastest Splicing Time

Splicing Operation reduced to as little as 4 seconds

Pressure Heater Technology

Reducing Operation to Only 9 seconds

Versatile Fiber Holder

Switch easily between Standard and Loose-Tube

Improved Lighting

For better visibility in dark environment

Rapid Response Time

Intuitive Interface | Experience Redefined

Increased Energy Efficiency

Increased number of cycles, even with the same battery capacity

View X series and M + series in Numbers

Maximum values of our newest fusion splicers

Splicing Time



Heating Time



Battery Capacity

up to




up to



VIEW Pro Features

A range of Fusion Splicers with IoT & GPS Modules integrated with a Cloud-Based Software Platform

Splice Data

Get access to all your splice details in real time, or browse through historical data

Asset Managment

Stay in control of your fleet of fusion splicers and save your work in the Cloud

Anti Theft

Take advantage of multiple security options. Protect your devices against loss and theft

Job & Fibre Management

Allocate jobs across your team and monitor your projects. Communicate efficiently through the Map/Fibre Manager

Our Unique Approach

Enabling connectivity through mobile networks (SIM card)
  • Bidirectional communication with the Cloud Server
  • No extra accessories required
  • No need for WiFi Network or Mobile Phone (Hotspot)
  • Instant data transfer and GPS reporting
  • No user intervention

Explore the VIEW Pro Manager!

With its advanced functionalities, View Pro Manager enables monitoring, analysis, and reporting across the entire fleet, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Whether you're a network installer, team leader, or a manager, View Pro Manager provides the tools you need to streamline your fiber optic network operations and ensure exceptional results every step of the way