FTTH Award 2024 Installation Equipment Winner: View 8X

The FTTH Conference 2024 in Berlin drawing participants from across the globe, the conference showcased an incredible array of technological advancements. Amidst this backdrop of innovation and collaboration, a highlight of the event was the recognition of groundbreaking achievements within the industry. We are thrilled to share that our Fusion Splicer View8X has been honored with the prestigious FTTH Innovation Award in the “Installation Equipment / Tools” category, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. 

Which Fusion Splicer Won the FTTH 2024 Innovation Award? 

Our Fusion Splicer View8X stands at the forefront of splicing technology, embodying the spirit of innovation that the FTTH Conference champions. With the world’s fastest splice time and equipped with revolutionary features such as Pressure Heater technology and enhanced connectivity through IoT and GPS modules, the View8X has significantly elevated the standards of efficiency and reliability in fiber splicing. 

This accolade reflects not just the technological superiority of the View8X but also the vision, dedication, and hard work of our team. It highlights our dedication to pushing the boundaries of the fiber optic industry and our continuous effort to deliver solutions that are not only innovative but also practical and reliable for our customers. 

Winner of the 2024 FTTH Innovation Award for Best Installation Equipment/Tool 

The FTTH Conference 2024 was more than a showcase for our latest technologies; it was an opportunity for rich dialogue, insightful exchanges, and the forging of new partnerships. Our engagement at the event, especially the interest shown in our View X and M+ Series Fusion Splicers, reaffirmed our leadership in the industry and our commitment to the advancement of fiber optic connectivity. 

We extend our sincere appreciation to all the participants, organizers, and especially to our customers and partners who visited us. Your enthusiasm, feedback, and support are invaluable to our success and integral to our journey. 

FTTH Awards 2024: Unveiling the Top Fusion Splicer 

Reflecting on our time at the FTTH Conference 2024, we are filled with gratitude and optimism for the future. Winning the FTTH Innovation Award is not just a recognition of our achievements but also a motivation for us to continue exploring, innovating, and facing new challenges. 

We thank everyone who joined us at the FTTH Conference 2024. Here’s to continued innovation, collaboration, and success in the vibrant world of fiber optics. 

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