Getting Rid of Data Silos with Cloud Integration, Creating New System within Telco Organization

Addressing the advancement in a data-driven world, the decision-making process in facilitating business growth relies on qualitative and quantitative facts which were traditionally documented in spreadsheets. However, limitation inaccessibility results in a lack of data transparency and efficiency, challenging data integrity and eventually leading to data silos.

The decentralization of data discourages collaborative work, disparate ideas and silently kills businesses with indirect growth of barriers that separate processes and goals. The separation data carries over to work culture, challenging members or teams that work in physically separated areas, limiting communication and mutual understanding.

Costly Data Silos affecting Telco Industry

The disparate scenario lingers among the remote work nature of Telco’s splicing technicians and engineers that are constantly on the move to solve network issues in various locations. Location tracking, tasks assignation and field condition reporting are limited to phone calls and messages or lengthy documentation reports at the end of a tiring day.

This vicious cycle eventually leads to disorganized data for quality review, follows up and backdate references. Ineffective tracking and retrieving of updated data across the splicing team over time slows down the operation. Decentralization that occurs in the database will affect team members’ morale as information is not being streamlined.

Limited ability to timely service costly equipment invested on a splicing team, becomes a nightmare during unexpected breakdowns. Telco companies are paying double costs; cost on commute and service to repair, and generation of revenue wasted during operation disruptions.

Breaking Data Silos with Cloud Integrated Equipment

Our era of digital transformation brings real-time data and processes exchange into reality. Adoption of cloud computing benefits telco companies with reduction of operational costs and increased revenue with faster time-to-market and improved operational efficiency.

But how? You may ask.

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