• INNO Instrument won the '2016 China Commun..

    December 27, 2016, Sponsored by CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of communications in 2016 China Industry Conference and the Eleventh China communication technology held in Beijing with the topic as "Opportunities and challenges of large connection". At the same time, in recognition of those who contribute to the development of information and communications industry in 2016, the strength and wisdom of products, people and businesses, the conference issued 2016 annual JinZiZhu award. View fusion splicer of INNO INSTRUMENT won the award ..

  • INNO Instrument won the 'Aannual Communica..

    INNO INSTRUMENT won the 2015~2016 annual communications network operation and maintenance service enterprise.  December 2015 to 2016, sponsored by China Communications Enterprise Association communications network operator Specialized Committee communications network operations and maintenance services conference held in Beijing in 2016.  Conference around enhance service capabilities, integration and innovation development topic in-depth discussion, at the same period to carry out various awards to promote activities.  In thi..

  • INNO Instrument won the 'Gaor Rui Video & ..

    In December 17th, Gao Rui video cup 2016 broadcasting industry technology development forum and the awards ceremony was held in Beijing.  With the theme as "Salute fuse times",Broadcasting industry experts and enterpresneurs gathered to discuss the development of the industry.  In the same period activity selection,INNO INSTRUMENT won the Gao Rui video & outstanding brand Awards.   “INNO Instrument is honored to earn lots ofawards in communication fields” said the official to awards. “Winning this award not only ..

  • INNO Instrument won the ‘Good Design Award 201..

    INNO Instrument has been named as an 2016 Good Design Award winner by Korean Intellectual Property Office(KIPO) and Korea Institute of Design Promotion(KIDP). INNO Instrument won five awards as Gold award and 6 products have been selected at this award.  VIEW5, V8 and TS-8 were awarded as Gold award. VIEW5 is the high-end fusion splicer as a higher value-added industrial product. It is designed ergonomically to endure the harsh environment and to maximize the convenience and work-efficiency with compact size which can hand-carry. Moreove..

  • INNO Instrument won the "Best support awa..

     November 11th, 2016 China Telecom optical broadband + TV installed dimensional skills competition fell curtain,31 teams participated in this competition. INNO INSTRUMENT provide the most powerful technical support to help complete the competition successfully and won the "Best support award". As a strong supports of the construction of optical communication, INNO INSTRUMENT focused  on customer's needs and provided a full range of products and technical supports to customers. INNO INSTRUMENT congratulate to the match successfu..